Past Resident Testimonials


“Frank” was a resident of The Children’s Home of Wheeling for almost five years. He came to the Children’s Home of Wheeling needing a home, healing from physical abuse, discipline, guidance and emotional support. Due to behavior problems, he spent some of his time without privileges. After working with his therapist and becoming friends with other residents and staff, he regained trust and decided that he wanted to completely and positively change the direction of his life.

“Frank” attended the Mountaineer Challenge Academy of Kingwood, West Virginia where he received weekly cards of support from the Children’s Home of Wheeling, as well as some of his favorite treats. When he graduated from the academy, some staff members traveled to Kingwood for his graduation ceremony and to offer their congratulations.

At 13, “Jonathan” was living with his adult brother in Cleveland, Ohio. Both had experienced sexual abuse and abandonment by their father. At the time of referral to The Children’s Home of Wheeling they were also experiencing extreme financial difficulties. By age 14, he returned to live with his mother in Wheeling, WV. With continuing problems with family life and school truancy, Jonathan spent two months in an emergency shelter.

​“Jonathan” was then transferred to the Children’s Home of Wheeling where he lived for two years. Eventually, specialized foster care was found for Jonathan and he became a student at West Liberty State College majoring in computer information systems.  He now works as a computer programming tech.

When asked about his experience with the Children’s Home of Wheeling he said, “I learned that there can be hope and to have faith in it”.

Eighteen year old, “George” spent four years with the Children’s Home of Wheeling family before moving into transitional living. When speaking about The Children’s Home of Wheeling, he said that the staff taught him about living a violence free life where physical abuse is not the norm, the importance of work, and how to trust and relate to other people. “George” is presently married, working full-time and has his own apartment in Martins Ferry, Ohio.